It's winter break, and Keuka College campus is as desolate as a morgue. You and a group of friends decide to explore the ghostly hearsay of some tall tailed myths and legends. You have mistakenly steered away from the pack. You must wander this campus alone and travel through the buildings of terror. You may find your group or an undesirable surprise to this [[bad dream]] The campus has many locations that require exploration in order to aid your [[efforts.]] Choose your path wisely: 1.[[Ball Hall]] 2.[[Harrington Hall]] 3.[[Blyley Hall]] 4.[[Space Hall]] 5.[[Davis Hall]] This location holds no significance in your quest at this time, good luck in your journey and dealing with our bad rhymes. (return to choice screen using back arrow)You enter the building and here a faint voice in the distance [[calling your name.]] As you approach Blyley hall you begin to feel a rattling sensation of euphoric bass. When entering be weary, Tupac and Biggie stand befor you, the remnants of the west coast east coast feud still exist, even after [[DEATH.]] <html><IMG SRC=""></html>Space Hall is correct Here you'll find another famous face, Albert Einstein, the master of time and [[space.]] WRONG As you investigate these strange occurrences, you find yourself encountering a spirit of an historical figure from the past.......[[Ben Franklin and the Funky Bunch!]] <html><IMG SRC=""></html>Unfortunately, the deceased president, and his decrepit dance partners, cannot provide you with any meaningful information that will aid you in your efforts. He advises you to boogie on over to a different building, and remain cautious as danger will present itself along the path that is ahead. (return to choice screen and choose another path)As you turn the corner, you interrupt a mystical and intensifying rap battle. When seen, you're asked, [["hey homie, if you think you have what it takes to pass, answer this riddle about Keuka's past".]] It was all a dream I used to only read "girls" magazines. Dean Blackburn and Pat Reape all up in the new lounge scene. Hanging pictures on the wall, every Saturday wolfpack attack, guide you hall to hall. Of what residence hall do these rap gods speak of? [[Ball]] [[Harrington]] [[Blyley]] [[Saunders]] [[Space]] [[Davis]] WRONGWRONGWRONGYou chose correctly! Here, you will talk to one of our nations most influential female civil rights activists of our time. She visited Keuka College 77 years ago and helped construct the same field periods our students do each year. If you choose the right woman below your journey continues, gung hoe! [[Eleanor Roosevelt]] <html><IMG SRC=""></html> [[Lisa Leslie]] <html><IMG SRC=""></html> WRONGGo back you fool, these freshman are mine <html><IMG SRC=""></html> Go back to the[[Ball Hall Dungeon]], see what lurks in below Your journey moves on once more, sorry to say try another door. Even though I may have been the United States best first lady, I can help no longer your road is still shady. My only advice is to go up high, like sputnik, or the moon-lander, up above the sky. From Eleanors advice where should you head next? [[Space Hall]] [[Davis Hall]] [[Ball]] [[Blyley]] [[Harrington]] [[Saunders]] Close, but WRONGYou realize that the history of the college holds many unpleasant secrets that must be revealed in order to survive and gain [[freedom.]]<html><IMG SRC=""></html> The intricacies in life lie not in the multiplicities of death, we are rather more contorted in an unjust limbo between this life and the next, would you concur? Translation: Go to [[Davis]] <html><IMG SRC=""></html> Youve dealt with the dead and came all this way. Now its Georges Harvey Ball's turn to add to your dismay . Do you want to know something a bit morbid and absurd? Your now a lost soul in Keuka's Halls, with only geyser food to eat, never to be disturbed.