You are a student at Keuka College. Who has a flare for curiosity. You are walking through Dahlstrom hall when you see a [[note]]. Do you [[pass]] it by or [[pick it up]]?So you just passed the note no big deal. But then you [[trip]].You decide to pick up this piece of paper for some random reason. Whats wrong with you it could be covered in germs! But you then read it and it says "meet me behind the red barn. I have something special to show you". Are you curious to [[go]] find out what is there or do you throw it in the garbage? You have found your self clumsily stumbling over an poems book. You decide to inspect it to figure out who it belongs to. Upon further inspection you realize that it is a book designed for classroom use. You need to relax so you take it with you and return it [[later]]. You are curious enough to go to the barn to see what the secret is. You go to the barn and look behind it to find a box tucked in the corner underneath the wooden ramp. You decide to [[open]] it.Double-click this passage to edit it.In the box you find a play script titled "The Fatal Rejection". You are wondering should you take it and give it to the [[theater director]] or to give in to your [[curious side]] and find out what was so important about this book that two students met in private. The ghosts are here. They desire something, can you figure out what it is? Continuing could ruin you. You may never see them the same way again. Will you [[Continue]] or [[turn away]]? They see you, [[run]] now before it is too late! You can also [[Continue]] and accept your fate. It is too late. They saw you and they only want you. They want you to [[Continue]]. They will not give up. Your soul is already in their grasp. Will you still [[resist]]? Resisting does no good. They have you. You try to get away in desperation but they drag you away. They wish you to [[Continue]] on the path that they set for you. Darkness slowly washes over you as you appear in Dahlstrom Hall. You decide to take him the book. Upon searching the mysterious barn that needed some obvious cleaning you find him in his corner office. Upon giving him the book he gives you an look of confusion and amazement. he says he has not seen the book in years. He also tells you that you can keep the book. So you take it back to your [[room]]. You decide to take the book to the library and look it up on the computer. Besides Wikipedia of the the play information you see a Keuka page on the play. This is a digital archive page and it lists the play being performed here at the college in 1998. The notes also list the play taking place at a formal party in the 1800's. You also find a name in the book. The name is Bessy. Curious about who the book belonged to you [[look her up]]. Upon returning to your room you try do some work but you keep getting distracted. You keep hearing sounds from your neighbors, shouting outside and and music playing. So you decide to look over the play book you found. Upon further inspection you see that it has many markings and notes. On the first page you see the date markings of '98. At this point you decide to [[look her up]] some more.You decide to see if she shows up on the archive page. She is there and is listed as having the lead role. The question still remains who wanted to show off this book to some one seventeen years later? It is getting close to dinner time should you continue [[looking]] into this woman or go [[get food]]? You decide that you just need to have some geiser cuisine and head down the stair well of your building. Half way down you trip resulting in you falling down a whole flight of stairs and smacking the wall with a thud. everything is [[blurry]]. you think you are ok so you try to move. Once you have put your self upright you notice that your arm is bleeding. It is not broken but you have a serious scrape. you then see something on the ground across from you at the bottom of the stairs. It looks like a cane. You must have fallen over it, but why is there a cane in a college dorm you wonder. Then you [[hear]] it. You sit there silently knowing that there must be some mistake you are in a building on a college campus there would never be one so close. But then the sound is heard again. A gentle [[mooing]] sound coming from behind the door out of the building. you take it as a sign to go back to your room and stay in bed and rest. The stress from classes must be getting to you. On a whim you take the cane with you. and maybe look in to the [[woman]] again.You decide to relax make some ramen. While it is cooking in the microwave you start to read some more notes in the book because of course who has time to read the script. You then see such notes as "I can not due it". It seems that who ever owned this book was very stressed. Other notes you come across are "too many lines" and one strange one that says "I hate that [[cane]]" which is followed by many bullets. Before you keep doing some research you take a bathroom break and then return to your room. When you return to your room you find a cane taped to your door. It looks kinda cool so you take it with you into the room while you look more into the [[woman]]. The notes says "I hate that cane.... all ways tapping.... every thud distracting me". Bellow this are small drawings of a cow. At this point you are very curious about this woman. To get more details you can either approach the theater [[director]] of look he up [[online]]. you go out to the barn to ask the direct about Bessy. He seems very annoyed at first but then he tells you her situation was very tragic. The last time she was seen she was stressed out a lot. She had fixated her self on learning the lines for the play. She would always draw cows to help her with stress. But one day she just [[disappeared]]. You look her up online. She has a missing person's article followed by an obituary that was posted a few years later. In the obituary it says she was never found and was considered deceased. You decide that this whole thing was a mistake and go to do some laundry quickly and then return to you [[bed room]]. To change the topic you ask him if he needs a cane and describe the one you found. Mostly in the hopes of scoring a better grade for your intro to theater course. He says that he used to have one but Bessy borrowed it and when she went missing it was never seen again. She said she needed it for something special. After being truly confused you give him the book and the cane and return to your [[bed room]]. One the door to your room you find another note. It reads "thank you for coming, I told you it was specail".After a mini nap in the lounge you peek through the book and see a folded sheet of paper that was torn from a note book. What is written is very confusing but you the them of the message was that some one had "[[them]]".The person described them as being hidden in the person's office. You assume that the person he or she is referring to is a staff on campus. There is also a number written at the end of the message. It appears as a book number for a library. Do you go and look up the [[book]] or just leave it at [[lost and found]]? You go and look it up in the library. you find a book on the study of the science of rocking chairs. Of course the book is dusty and looks as though it was never used. Once opened you find another [[ random message]]. Once leaving the room you walk towards your next class when you spot the book that you left behind on a bench. You know it is the same book due to the scribbles on the cover. You decide that take the [[book]]to the library. It reads "she is feeding on them, I know it I saw the jar. We are all used for her personal gain. She wants us". It then says a room number, [[Hegeman-415]]. On a whim you decide to head to the room that is listed. Here you find the office of Dr.Vizo. The lights are out do you go [[in]] or go [[away ]]. You go into the office which was surprisingly unlocked. After going this far you figure you will look for the jar that is mentioned. Classes started recently so no one should be back for at least thirty minutes. In the bottom drawer of the you find a [[jar]]. You have decided to walk away, and suddenly DR.Vizo walks pass and gives you a smile. You then suddenly pass out and then wake up in a dungeon chained to a student's desk. By the exit you see a larger desk with a pile of papers on it and a jar labeled "tears". The jar which is half full reads "their tears" and next to it in the drawer is a a pile of packets labeled Midterms. The door then [[opens]]. Dr.Vizo then enters and sees you holding his harvest. You drop the jar resulting in it shattering and try to run. He tackles you and says forget and you will be able to graduate. After leaving you can either [[ignore]] what happened or go and tell the other [[students]]. You decide you do not want to jeopardize your your self and keep everything that has happened a secret. The day after you are running late for a class and run down from the 4th floor of the building. You then trip over something and fall down the stairs. While you lifeless body is being carried away the paramedics found an extra book next to your body. You decide to rally the students against this professor. Later in the night you are walking back to your room from the library where you feel a large thud and everything goes black.